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Love your stick or your money back!

    Push Your Limits.

    Specialist field hockey sticks & equipment created by players, for players.

    Field Hockey Sticks

    What Makes Rival Different?

    At Rival, we understand that all players have different needs & expectations from their stick.

    That's why we developed a unique range of field hockey sticks, tailored to different play styles, allowing you to push your limits on the pitch.

    Not only that, but you won't find Rival in any retailers. This is so we can pass the savings onto you, and truly be a market leading hockey brand.

    Find Your Match

    About Rival.

    Rival was founded out of frustration for other brands not innovating when it comes to hockey sticks.

    We swore never to be just another brand that releases field hockey sticks every year with slightly different colours, just to make it 'new'. Our goal is simple, to create the best hockey stick possible.

    At Rival, we think different.