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    Field Hockey 101 - The Top 7 Equipment You Need to Play

    Deemed the second-largest team sport, field hockey is played in over 100 different countries. It is famous among students and adults and is present in various club structures, tournaments, and competitive leagues.

    Whether you are a player, a parent, or a coach, here are some essential field hockey equipment you should have if you want to play field hockey.

    1. Field Hockey Stick

    The field hockey stick is arguably the most essential field hockey equipment. To ensure you play your best game, you should pick out your hockey stick carefully, considering your height, comfort, position, and playing abilities.

    Field hockey requires a specific stick where you can utilise just one side. The first one, the playing side, is flat on its lower half. The other side is rounded from top to bottom and is known as the non-playing side.

    In compliance with the official field hockey rules, ensure that your field hockey stick weighs no more than 737 grams or under 26 ounces.

    1. Field Hockey Ball

    Another necessity to play the game is the field hockey ball. Usually, this ball is white in colour and is made from hard, solid plastic. It must be between 5 ¼ to 5 ¾ ounces in weight. Lastly, it must have a circumference that’s between 8 13/16 inches to 9 ¼ inches.

    1. Shin Guards

    The importance of wearing shin pads cannot be overemphasised. This piece of  equipment will protect your legs, preventing serious injury in a sport that involves heavy sticks and balls. Shin pads are available for a variety of sports and games, so make sure to purchase one that’s made for field hockey.

    1. Rash Guards/Shin Liners

    Rash guards protect your body from irritation and are meant to be worn under shin guards. They are essential for keeping you protected from irritation and also help to prevent your shin pads becoming overly smelly.

    1. Mouth Guards

    Mouth guards are used for protecting your mouth and teeth. Since hockey is a fast paced sport, it can be very dangerous, even at lower levels of players. Balls or sticks can easily go astray, resulting in serious damage if you are not wearing a mouth guard.

    1. Field Hockey Shoes

    When playing on a turf or grass field, the shoes you wear can make or break your performance.

    When playing indoors, you’ll do better with the increased grip from court shoes. When you’re outside, wear field hockey cleats for grass fields and turf shoes for artificial fields. By doing this, you’ll have better control of your movements, and you can avoid discomfort or accidents while you run.

    1. Grip

    The grip is another basic piece of equipment used to enhance your hold on the field hockey stick when you are playing. It is typically made of a cotton-type material that ultimately improves your grip and makes it easier to play.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, this quick guide on the essential equipment you need to play field hockey will help you start playing the sport. Remember that the better your equipment, the better your playing experience. The equipment you buy should be comfortable and durable to use for a long time.

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