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    Important Tips on How to Find the Perfect Hockey Equipment

    Hockey can be extremely fun, but in order for you to enjoy the sport more, you must have proper hockey equipment. 

    Now, shopping for hockey equipment is challenging because there are numerous options available. But there is no need to feel overwhelmed. This article will help you find the most suitable hockey equipment for you. 


    The stick is considered the most crucial piece of hockey equipment. That’s because it is your sole link with the ball, and it could determine how well you play the sport. 

    For beginners, a fiberglass stick is an ideal option. That’s because a fiberglass stick is lightweight and it enables you to control the ball well. Fiberglass is perfect for beginners, while more experienced players may want to experiment with composite carbon fibres (which tend to give a lot more power). 

    When choosing a stick, there are a few things to keep in mind—in particular, your height. The stick should feel as comfortable as possible. An incorrect-sized stick may result in bad form; in turn, that may result in injuries later on. To find out what size stick you need, check this handy stick size guide here


    Comfort is a vital element to consider when buying hockey shoes. Your feet, ankles, and knees will inevitably be strained and tired as you play. That’s why you should choose the ones that fit best and those that offer great support. Go for the shoes with a rigid sole and good traction. Shoes with proper cushions will also prevent injuries.


    Additionally, playing hockey requires you to maximise your speed. If you want to play well, you should choose a pair of high-quality shoes that allow you to move comfortably. They should be durable and flexible enough to meet your performance needs.

    Mouth Protection

    While you play, the ball can injure your face, particularly your mouth. Hockey mouthguard are essential for you to protect your teeth and can be vital for stopping your teeth from breaking if you are unlucky enough to get hit with the ball.

    Only the best mouthguards are recommended for beginners and experienced players alike. No expense should be spared in the protection of your teeth, especially as these are irreplaceable.

    When shopping for mouth protection, you should look for a model that follows the safety regulations. It should be able to protect your upper teeth, and not restrict your breathing. A positive fit is another important characteristic of good mouth protection. It should stay in place and fit against your teeth.

    Shin Guards

    This form of protection is often taken for granted in field hockey, but is highly essential. Were it not for shin guards, many players might find their shins constantly injured. After all, most swings are targeted close to that area. Without appropriate protection, players may experience regular injuries. 


    Hockey is a fun sport. And with the proper hockey equipment, your game experience can be even more enjoyable. To start, you should have a hockey stick with the right length, comfortable shoes, and hockey shin pads. You should also consider having a strong mouthguard. 

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