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    Rival GK II

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    Customer Reviews

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    Abby Carley (Richmond, US)
    GK 2 stick

    I have never loved a stick more than this one! I find it perfectly light and durable. Upon its thin appearance I worried it would snap in high calibre play, but I was wrong. I’ve had it for 2 months now and don’t even have a scratch. It’s enhanced my ability to dive, tackle and make stick saves effortlessly. Where as, with my old stick it was too heavy and bulky to execute quick saves. I’ve also noticed it easier to keep my right arm up when I’m playing. My last stick was so heavy that it weighed my arm down, and made me vulnerable on my right side. The GK 2 has a balance point so it feels like air when I’m holding it.

    Mark Richards
    Best stick I’ve ever owned

    I ordered this from the other side of the world and it took about 10days to get here. 3 of which were in the country being domestically handled.

    I love it, it’s light, it’s solid, it feels durable. I saved a stroke last week with it, solid. The grip is great and the construction of all is flawless.

    I can’t pick anything on it I would improve. I love it.

    Agostina Jacob (General San Martin, AR)
    The Best stick for a Goalie

    The goalie stick and it's great, very comfortable to use, light and strong as well as being a very beautiful stick. Totally recommended for players looking to increase their potential.

    giovanni carpaneto
    Rival GK II

    The stick is really good and I like the shapes and design, the only thing I wish was better is the weight, it’s a bit to heavy for me

    Felix Flückiger (Bern, CH)
    Best Gk Stick off all Time

    The Stick is the best of the one’s I’ve got before, because when someone shoots and i got to save it with the stick it doesn’t break the foil on it. The Stick is very light an i really like the Design of the shovel with the rubby part.


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    Depending on which model and size you choose. Rival hockey sticks weigh between 500-550g

    This is such an important question that many players have. If you have become used to one brand for many years, you may be very reluctant to change. We totally get this, but we're also extremely confident you'll fall in love with your new Rival stick. For this reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you use your stick and don't love it! Simply send it back to us for a full refund. That's how confident we are that your new Rival hockey stick will completely change your game and drastically improve your performance.


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